If you’re looking for a method of exercise that can be performed indoors and without much, if any, equipment, then it may be time to give Yoga a try. Yoga is a terrific exercise for both the body and the mind. It’s especially beneficial for stress relief, which is something these days we can all likely relate to. It’s an activity to which almost anyone can participate to personal standards. And possibly its greatest benefit is that it is an excellent activity for both mind and body health.
What Happens During a Yoga Session?
Yoga’s foundation is built on three principles: Pose, Breath, and Meditation/Relaxation. Poses are a series of postures that are designed to increase bodily strength and flexibility in the muscle and joint groups to which each posture is designed for (for example, there are postures to strengthen the hips, the back, the chest, the shoulders, the quads, etc.) These postures range in exertion level from the most basic to the most demanding. Style, however, is the term for the differences in the ways in which postures are performed. This is also where breath comes into play, and breath, in a Yoga class, means a controlled breathing that keeps the body and mind calm. The more strenuous the class (Vinyasa Yoga classes tend to be faster-paced.) the more challenge exists in keeping the body and the breath in sync.
Yoga Health Benefits
Yoga is good for the body. It’s good for the mind. It helps to keep our minds free of the buzz of external stress, or, at the very least, helps to prevent us from getting completely bogged-down by stress and anxiety. Physically, the improved flexibility and muscle strength has its obvious benefits.
As mentioned, one of the best parts about Yoga participation is that no equipment is required. If you’re at home and you have carpet or a pool towel handy, you can participate. You can use a Yoga mat, which both helps with grip during postures and also keeps you centered during the practice, but it’s not absolutely necessary. There are numerous online resources that will help teach you Yoga poses, and a few that even offer free classes.