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Sleep & Wellness

better sleep unlocks a myriad of health benefits

Sleep is the body’s natural process where it rejuvenates itself. Every 24 hours our body gets a chance to relax during sleep physically and mentally. During this relaxation state all our body’s organs, tissues and cells get a chance to reset and rejuvenate from the previous day’s activities and furthermore optimize itself for the next day’s upcoming functions and stress.

If for any reason an individual’s sleep quantity and quality is not optimal, the individual can have mental and physical slowing. Some of the following symptoms are very common for people whose sleep quality is not optimal:

  • Brain fogs throughout the day
  • Decreased mental sharpness
  • Fatigue
  • Memory issues
  • Decreased physical sharpness
  • Morning headaches
  • The need for midday naps
  • Muscle fatigue and pain
  • Sexual problems
  • Inability to be productive at work
sleep and wellness for men

There are many different reasons why sleep may be impacted such as an imbalance of hormones, sleep disorders, age, illness, stress, and changes in sleep schedule. Contact us at Central Wellness to schedule a consultation and return to the good health and restful sleep you deserve!


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