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Today’s aesthetic clients do not want to look good….. they expect to look fantastic!

Aesthetic consultation is an extremely vital aspect of getting to know our clients.  In a Central Wellness consultation, we learn about your cosmetic goals, talk about the services and products to achieve your goals, and connect you with the expert medical staff that will help provide the solutions.

This initial meeting helps us sets the tone of a long-term relationship that is based on expertise, trust, and tailored care.  This allows you to have confidence in the targeted solution, design a more wholesome, phased treatment plan that makes for fantastic results.

We find that many clients will often schedule a consultation on account of a chief cosmetic need. However, at Central Wellness we find they are rarely just concerned about an isolated complaint, and this is why it is essential to have a detailed aesthetic consultation.

We consider details like how many treatments you have had in the past, how you have responded to them as well as the degree of satisfaction with the outcome.  Finally, it is necessary to know the client’s present skincare regimen as this is very beneficial to daily home care.  At Central Wellness we put together a treatment plan that suits our client’s lifestyle, habits, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The aesthetic consultation is where you get to know the practice you are visiting and learn about their services and formulate a treatment plan that drives the results you are trying to achieve

Aesthetic services are designed to help clients appreciate their natural beauty through treatments designed to enhance skin health and appearance. For some, this may be fine lines or the appearance of thinning skin, forehead wrinkles, facial hair, pigmentation correction and or hormone decline.

Consultations can ensure the treatment is right for you. If you already have a treatment option in mind, or if you haven’t yet decided, a consultation can help to establish the procedures you are wanting will be right for you.  It also helps you have confidence in the providers that will be preforming the services. 

Cosmetic treatment implies the treatment that is done is strictly for visual appearance and is not a medical type of service.  On the other hand, an aesthetic treatment goes far deeper than just visual attractiveness, it is address issues beneath the surface of the skin. 

When doing a face consultation, it should take approximately an hour.  A body consultation takes about 45 minutes. 

Here at Central Wellness, we start with a clean face, take pictures of the face, and then we discuss your concerns as we review your pictures.  We address your budget, product home care as this plays a very large role in outcome and design a customized plan of action with service designed to achieve your aesthetic goals. 

consultation request


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