While a manicure/pedicure treatment is about making your nails look refreshed and youthful, it’s also a treatment that has health benefits to the hands and feet. When a person undergoes a manicure/pedicure treatment they are treated to a few techniques of filing and shaping, exfoliation, moisturizers and massage. A single treatment will have your hands and feet, nails, looking and feeling terrific. The texture of the skin around the nail will feel soft, younger and smoother. But, if you need more encouragement, here are a few other reasons why it’s time to schedule a manicure/pedicure treatment at Central Wellness.
Hangnails are common. The causes are numerous, but the most common include dry skin (especially during these dry winter months), damage to the cuticle, nail biting, and injury to the nail. And a manicure/pedicure treatment will prevent hangnails from forming, and the dry skin around the cuticle will be treated with moisturizers.
Dry Skin
Dry skin is common, and most everyone struggles with dry skin at some point during the dry winter months of January and February. Dry skin is also especially challenging in winter because, in addition to the dry air, it’s cold and flu season and people are more active in hand washing and hand sanitizer use. A manicure pedicure will help moisturize the skin, and it will also exfoliate the skin, removing the dead skin cells.
Improve Circulation
The way a manicure/pedicure improves the circulation in the hands and arms, feet and legs, is an overlooked benefit. The massage, exfoliation, etc., during a treatment improves circulation, and the benefits, especially for someone who struggles with mild arthritis can be incredibly beneficial.
If you are ready to have softer, younger looking nails, hands and feet, then call Central Wellness today. The treatment is holistic in its approach, and in addition to the treatment of the nails, you’ll appreciate the moisturizing masks, massage, and nourishing cuticle treatment.