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Central Wellness Medical and Aesthetics.  What started as one woman’s love for helping others feel confident grew into a thriving family of skilled medical and aesthetic professionals who share a passion for empowering others through beauty and wellness.  We are committed to skin and body enhancements that add to your natural beauty—and the youthful energy you feel inside.

Our patient-centric approach is evident in every service we provide. We are a team of experts who stay current in new technology and rejuvenation is always the center of every appointment.

Through our innovative programs, our clients experience clarity of mind and vitality of body that last. Central Wellness believes that aging better is about living better.  Our Bio-identical hormone therapy, peptide therapy, IV therapy, and medical-grade supplements will regulate and rejuvenate various body functions.  Our goal is to get you looking and feeling your best, reducing the effects of aging, and preventing disease.

~We believe that feeling well and being well is the foundation
ON how to live well!

Our Brand Promise

“To inspire confidence and empowerment in our community.”

After performing thousands of aesthetic and wellness treatments, we learned that people love their results. What our clients don’t love is investing their time and money into treatments that don’t work. That’s why we have our Central Wellness Brand Promise. We are so confident that you’ll love your treatment that we guarantee the results.

This guarantee is made possible by the confidence we have in our highly trained and certified medical professionals, coupled with proven technology and world-class skin care.  We stand behind our promise to provide an unsurpassed level of value with our treatments at Central Wellness.

We don’t promise immediate, drastic changes or give you expectations beyond our capability. Our treatment plans are designed to drive the results you’re looking for and to inspire your confidence! When you invest in a treatment at Central Wellness and don’t see a result, we will treat you again for free. We are your partner in achieving your aesthetic and wellness goals.


Everyone, you’ll meet at Central Wellness Medical, and Aesthetics is genuine inside and out. They are highly trained experts putting together personalized treatments for each individual based on their unique needs.  They excel at what they do committed to going above and beyond your expectations.  Our team starts with your goals & ends with beautiful, long-lasting results. (see our story)


The Gold standard experience

Central Wellness Billings Montana

Our Focus

A holistic approach to health and beauty that prioritizes your individual needs and goals.

A Higher Standard

From the products we use and the types of treatments we offer, to the professionals who treat you, we hold every aspect of Central Wellness to a higher standard.

Our Credentials

The training, and expertise of our providers as well as our cutting edge facilities are the Gold Standard Experience you deserve!

Brand Promise

We guarantee results you'll love!


The best time to give your skin the best care is now! Call (406) 869-1066 or book your consultation online. Our experienced and friendly staff are waiting to help you reach your skin care goals!

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