Lash and Brow Treatments

A lash and brow treatment from Central Wellness will not only enhance the natural beauty of your eyebrows and lashes but also naturally enhance the appearance of your eyes. And the treatments are non-invasive and will continue to provide quality results for weeks or even years (The effects of a Microblading procedure are effective long after treatment).
Microblading is a treatment that’s become increasing popular. One reason it’s become so popular is that its effects should last for a year or more. It’s a terrific treatment for sparse and uneven eyebrows; eyebrows without desirable symmetry are given shape by a single Microblading treatment. The treatment provides an appearance of hair strokes to the brow area, providing a look of symmetry and fullness.
For anyone in need of a lash boost, the last lift and tint treatment at Central Wellness will have you looking your very best. A single treatment will help to lengthen and curl, darken the lashes. And the effects are apparent without added makeup. A single treatment should continue to be effective for up to six weeks.
And if you would like an added boost to the brow area, especially if you believe your brows are either colored too lightly or are inconsistent in coloration. A single brow-tint service will enhance the tint of the brow for up to eight weeks.
If you are ready to enhance the look or color of your lashes or brows, then call Central Wellness today.