Exercise: Work the Cardiovascular System

The phrase “exercise smarter” has become something of a mantra. There are benefits to exercise that challenge different muscle groups at varying levels of intensity. For instance, running seven miles each and every day—while it is a mostly healthy habit that benefits the cardiovascular system—it’s not the best method for physical improvement, or, in cases where a person’s body has grown accustomed to the work of running identical mileage at repetition, at the same speed/pace each and every day, the benefits of the exercise are not nearly as apparent. For example, the runner who then continues his or her runs, but adds in quality core exercises, will see physical gains and exceed exercise goals.
Don’t Forget Flexibility
Flexibility is important to long-term body health. Yes, there is conflicting information about the benefits of stretching. Most of the purported negatives surrounding stretching are due to the important of performing a session of stretching before a person participates in exercise. For instance, a runner who stretches before a run may actually hinder athletic performance. But that doesn’t mean that stretching isn’t beneficial, and in fact time spent stretching has both immediate health benefits and long-term benefits.
Strength Training 
It’s important to strength train, and it’s an especially good idea to incorporate it into any cardiovascular exercise program. No, that doesn’t mean you need to join the gym and begin to practice the clean and jerk. A simple set of dumbbells can do most everything. Even body weight exercises such as air squats or pushups and pullups can be incredibly beneficial. You can also use yoga to train strength (Don’t believe yoga can challenge the muscles? It’s incredibly challenging for even the most seasoned yogi to balance and hold some poses).
With exercise, you’re going to get tired. Your muscles will be sore, and you will need to rest/recuperate. So, when you are feeling tired and sore, Central Wellness is ready to help with a full-service spa and even massage. If you have any questions about how Central Wellness can help you both feel and look your very best then call today.