Weight Loss

So many worry about weight loss; if you’re worried about that too-high number on the scale then know that you’re not alone. And if you’re someone who has worked hard at weight loss and seemingly gotten nowhere, then know that studies show that only one in six people who try to lose weight are able to both lose the weight they intend and keep that weight off indefinitely.
And there are so many reasons why people struggle to lose weight and keep off the weight—too many to list here—but there are ways in which people can develop a weight loss plan and drop the weight in a healthy and safe way. Here’s a few of the lifestyle choices best suited to a healthier and more effective—long term—weight loss solution…
Usually, the short-term speed diets are either too good to be true or unhealthy gimmicks. You could be seriously hurt by some do-it-quick diets. The most important component to changing dietary habits is to make a plan and stick to it. If you’ve never modified your diet toward weight loss, then it may be a good idea to speak with a medical consultant and develop a plan that is best suited to both your dietary needs and your lifestyle.
Weight loss doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Usually, a healthy adult who has made dietary changes geared toward weight loss can lose between two and five pounds a week—this could be more or less, depending on the age of the adult and other health factors. Yes, it’s completely understandable when a person who believes themselves to be overweight wants the weight gone immediately and they turn to either fad-commercial type dieting or malnutrition.
But weight loss is a journey—not an overly long journey, but one that will likely take longer than the late-night infomercials selling diet pills claim—and studies show that a person who loses weight at a healthy pace, and manages to make any dietary changes a part of his or her everyday lifestyle, he or she is going to keep the weight off.
If you need advice about weight loss, then call and speak with the medical professionals at Central Wellness today.