Vitamin B12: What is it?

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps to keep the body’s blood cells and nerve cells healthy. And it even helps our bodies to make DNA (DNA is the genetic material present in all of our bodily cells). And it helps to prevent our bodies from suffering a type of anemia, a specific type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia (Clinical term that means a person will feel overly weak and tired).

Vitamin B12: What is it?

And while a person’s body can absorb the Vitamin B12 from food—it’s a water-soluble Vitamin found naturally in foods such as meat, fish, and dairy—some people unfortunately have a condition (Pernicious anemia is the clinical term for it) that prevents them from being able to absorb enough of the Vitamin B12 from food and even from other types of dietary supplements.
And in the case that a person suffers from Pernicious Anemia, or suffers a lack of the Vitamin B12 in general, it’s beneficial for a person to get a Vitamin B12 shot. A serious Vitamin B12 deficiency could result in difficult physical problems, such as anemia, stomach issues, and even nerve damage.
If you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, or if you have decreased levels of energy due to a deficiency of this particular Vitamin, then it may be time to consider a B12 shot to be administered by the medical staff at Central Wellness. And it’s also safe.
Vitamin B12 shots are also given to patients who believe they need more energy due to weight loss (Remember also that the most important component to any weight loss plan is a healthy diet and other weight loss strategies including increased physical activity and quality sleep).
The medical professionals at Central Wellness are consummate professionals who are well-trained to handle a variety of medical procedures, including the administration of a Vitamin B12 shot. If you are wondering how a Vitamin B12 shot can help you achieve higher energy levels, then call the professionals at Central Wellness today to schedule your first appointment.

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