Spring/Summer Health Tips

The warmer months are a terrific time to get into the shape you’ve always wanted. That doesn’t mean that summertime is the time for crazy diets, and endless workout routines. It’s a time of year to focus on your health, both physical and mental. And when you build a healthy lifestyle in the warmer/brighter months, then the habits should be easy to carry over to the times of year when it’s not so warm and bright. Here’s a few tips to keep you on track.


This is the season of produce. Springtime means berries of all kinds, and both the weekly farmer’s market and your grocer’s shelves should be full of different varieties. Berries are terrific because they are loaded with antioxidants, which, among other things beneficial, help to prevent tissue damage and reduce the risk of age-related illness.
This is also the season when you can easily plant herbs. Herbs are terrific because you don’t need the greenest of green thumbs to grow them, and, unlike full-scale gardening-which isn’t suited for everyone’s schedule—herbs can be planted in simple pots or window boxes and, if given sun and adequate water, should quickly grow into beautiful little plants.


Summertime is an especially good time for exercise, especially for those on a busy schedule. Exercise is good for both the mind and the body, and it doesn’t have to be performed at high-intensity athletic levels to provide benefit. A quick thirty-minute walk in the morning before work, at the office during lunch, or as soon as the time card is punched for the day is all that’s needed. A little exercise will get the blood flowing throughout the body, which is especially important if you consistently sit at a desk at your place of work, but it’s also head-clearing and effective at relieving work- and life-related common stresses and anxieties.
It’s also a terrific time to visit the spa at Central Wellness, or maybe schedule a massage—sometimes, when you are new to, or reinitiating, a regular exercise routine, you may experience some normal tenderness and aching of the muscles. Remember that Central Wellness is always ready, regardless the season, to be the added supplement for both body and mind.