Filler Results that Last

Fillers are a fabulous aesthetic solution; however, the results are also temporary. But there are ways to make the results continue to last; it’s such a disappointment to walk out of your filler appointment, looking and feeling your very best, only to have the results diminish dramatically within a few weeks.
To consider a filler’s success and durability, the first consideration is the area in which the filler has been placed for support. Areas that tend to move frequently, such as the lips (talking causes stress on the filler), tend to diminish in effectiveness quicker than a filler placed in the cheeks. And in addition to movement and filler placement, it’s also important to consider metabolism; everyone has a different metabolism, and everyone will metabolize the filler at a different rate. The frequency at which people require dermal fillers for support will differ. And it’s also important to limit contact with the filler. For instance, if you have filler placed in your cheeks, and you sleep on the pillow on the side of your face, you’re likely to deteriorate that filler quicker than if you would have slept on your back. Stress is also hard on a filler, and while it’s impossible to limit stress completely, it is important to practice stress-relieving techniques, because the hormone Cortisol, the hormone related to stress, can have a negative impact on the skin and the duration for which the filler remains effective. Try also to limit skin exposure to the sun: wear a wide-brimmed hat and appropriate clothing when possible, and always remember a high-rated SPF sunblock.
Fillers are a terrific treatment, because they can both restore lost volume and also rebuild symmetry, enhancing a person’s already gorgeous and unique features. If you think a filler is for you, then call the experts at Central Wellness and book your complimentary consultation today.