Aging Hands

Hands reflect much about who we are. And our hands are also usually a reflection of our age. Many of us have aesthetic concerns about the appearance of our face, and those concerns are absolutely justified; but, we can sometimes forget that other parts of our body undergo the same dramatic effects of aging. For instance, our hands undergo a breakdown in collagen as we age; the result is a displacement and diminishment of fat. The hands begin to show the many prominent veins, and our hands can begin to take on a sunken-in look. The effects of aging can even leave our hands with dark spots and deep wrinkles. Thankfully, Central Wellness can use a variety of medical treatments and procedures—many of which are the same treatments and procedures to change the appearance of the face—to treat possible skin damage and the appearance of aging hands.
One treatment that is effective on the hands is a peel. Peels are especially effective on hands that have colored spots and damage. And there are few side-effects: the only major worry after a peel is the requirement that high SPF sunblock should be applied to protect the new skin layer, which can be particularly sensitive to the harmful effects of UV Rays.
You can also find at Central Wellness topical creams with collagen-promoting ingredients. Most creams that are terrific for the face are also terrific for the hands. And in tandem with creams is the option for a microdermabrasion treatment, which is a top choice to remove bad skin cells, exfoliating the outer-most layer of skin; the exfoliation process triggers a regenerative response from our body to build more collagen.
If our hands are a reflection of who we are and how we live then help them to look their very best. If you have any more questions about the options available to treat aging or skin-damaged hands, then call today.