Collagen-Boosting Foods:

There is a ton of information and misinformation on the benefits of food and skin health. One fact that remains consistently true is that a diet especially high in processed foods and refined sugars. The poorest sources of carbohydrates and fats are bad for skin health.
Some studies show that a diet composed of bad fats and carbohydrates, refined sugars can actually cause damage to our skin. It’s also possible and some studies have even shown to be true—that a diet especially high in antioxidant-rich foods is beneficial to skin health.
And a diet that benefits the skin also benefits full-body health. The one constant is that your diet be full of foods that are healthy—fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc. We already know this of course—a healthy diet will reflect on the inside of our bodies as well as on the outside—but there are a few foods that are especially good for our skin…

Foods that Benefit Skin

These foods include the vegetables carrots and spinach—the most commonly found and inexpensive—and other vegetables are equally as helpful; choose vegetables and fruits that are yellow or orange in color. Tomatoes and berries are also especially high in beneficial antioxidants. Foods with Vitamin C such as sweet potatoes and oranges are chock-full of healthy antioxidants and vitamins. Other oftentimes overlooked sources include beans and peas—lentils in every variety.
And you can even find heartier sources—main-course type of foods—such as fish; salmon and halibut are easily accessible sources. You can even eat the canned variety, although be careful in eating too much fish canned-fish because of the mercury levels. You can also snack on nuts in moderation, because while they are packed-full of antioxidants, they are also quality sources of other healthy vitamins and minerals.
Remember that along with a quality diet, there are other ways to achieve healthy skin and maintain a healthy and youthful-looking appearance. Central Wellness offers many different skin treatments and spa options, and if you have any questions as to how Central Wellness can help then call today.