Hydration is important. The composition of our body is more than 50% water. And because we are always continually losing that water, we need to replenish. We know we are supposed to drink adequate amounts of water each and every day, but why, when you drink water, does our skin remain dry? When we drink water, it reaches other organs and body parts before it reaches our skin. So, while it is important to drink water to avoid dehydration, it is also equally important to hydrate our skin with certain products, such as a moisturizer.
Dehydration can seem like an easily reversible condition, and for the most part it is. The immediate effects of dehydration on skin are many: redness, flakiness, tight-feeling, itchy, skin that appears dull, etc. And quality hydrating products can combat these conditions. But dehydration can also cause premature aging. When skin is dehydrated it’s not as elastic, and inelastic skin develops wrinkles.


Hydrated skin is able to get rid of toxins, but dehydrated skin isn’t. Skin that’s dehydrated will appear duller, because of the buildup of dead skin cells, and it could even appear red and inflamed because of any toxins present. Also, skin that’s dehydrated is more likely to develop acne and excessive oil, because the body recognizes the dehydration and it begins to produce more oil.
There are several ways to handle dry skin, and oftentimes knowing how a product works (there are differences, for instance, between moisturizing products and hydrating products) will help you to use those products effectively. Hydrating products have formulas that are intended to increase the water content in the skin. Hydrating products can help the skin appear full and plump, healthy. Moisturizers, however, prevent the water content within the skin to evaporate into the air.
The winter months in Montana are especially dry, and skin can suffer. And, if you have any questions about the differences between skin care products, make sure to visit the store within Central Wellness where you will find the perfect skin care products to help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful regardless the season.