Dermaplaning: How Does It Work?

What if we told you that there’s a non-invasive skin treatment exfoliation procedure that can provide you with a fresh new face, and, amazingly, it offers immediate results and requires little-to-no downtime? Does that sound interesting to you? If yes, then the answer is a treatment called Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a procedure that is quick and entirely painless, performed without the use of chemicals. T

Dermaplaning: How Does It Work?

he procedure removes the top layer of dead skin cells, and even those troublesome fine hairs—peach fuzz can trap troublesome dirt and oil. The skin beneath is fresh, and free and clear of hairs and dry skin that may have caused uneven skin tones and textures.
Other possible improvements to the skin’s surface include a reduction of acne scars and the diminishment of those troublesome fine lines and wrinkles. And the procedure works on ALL skin types, so everyone can benefit.
The results of a Dermaplaning procedure are immediate. And it’s possible, if you would like, to combine another type of facial treatment such as a Chemical Peel or a Micro Needling Procedure. Skin care products are much more effective following a Dermaplaning procedure, because there is no barrier (peach fuzz and dry skin cells) to block the absorption of moisturizers, etc.
Remember that Dermaplaning is a terrific procedure, but it’s not permanent. The skin is continually going to grow; long-term skin maintenance is vitally important to keeping the skin on your face looking and feeling healthy.
Remember also that Dermaplaning is an entirely painless procedure. And there are no side effects and little to no downtimes afterward (if there is any downtime afterward, it is only to reapply makeup, which, by the way, will apply on the face smoother after a Dermaplaning procedure). And the cost for a procedure is minimal.
If you want immediate results from a Dermaplaning procedure, then call Central Wellness today to schedule your first appointment. Remember this procedure is entirely safe, and even pregnant women can benefit from this terrific exfoliation treatment, because there are no harmful chemicals used during the procedure.

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