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Central Wellness Celebrates 10 Years! (Part II)

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Central Wellness Celebrates 10 Years! (Part II)

Have you heard the news? Central Wellness is celebrating being open for 10 years! In 2022, we officially hit the milestone of 10 years in business, and because we were busy opening up our brand new facility last year, we’re celebrating a little late. In the first part of our 10 Year Celebration blog posts (read here), we discussed the history of Central Wellness, interviewed owner, Janine Griffin, about her first 10 years in business, and challenged you with some Central Wellness trivia. For the final part of our celebration, we thought it would be fun to interview a couple of our clients who have been a part of the Central Wellness family for a long time. Discover what they believe sets Central Wellness apart from other med spas, and what leads them to keep returning to Central Wellness after so many years.

central wellness celebrates 10 year anniversary

Ciara has been a part of Central Wellness since the very beginning. As she says in her interview, she’s been a part of the Central Wellness family through becoming a bride and becoming a mother, and through the many aesthetic and wellness changes that come with life. She says, “Janine and team, thank you for all you’ve done over the past 10 years. You’ve been with me through my adult life journey. When we first met, I was preparing for my wedding and you helped me feel confident and beautiful. 2 kids and 10 years later, you are still here helping me with all of my changing aesthetic and wellness needs and are continuing to help me feel confident and beautiful.” It’s been an honor to build a relationship with her that we hope will last a lifetime! 

Thank you for being a long-term client at Central Wellness, Ciara! How long have you been a client at Central Wellness?

“Since the beginning! I initially came to Central Wellness when it first opened to help with a new skincare routine. At the time, I was preparing for engagement photos and my upcoming wedding.”

What first brought you to Central Wellness, and what has led you to continue coming to Central Wellness?

“I started with Central Wellness in my mid-twenties when I was looking for a better skincare routine and facials to help prep for my upcoming wedding. I really started using Central Wellness as an aesthetic clinic after the birth of my first son in 2016. I had melasma all over my forehead, cheeks and upper lip area. Janine and Rachel were wonderful in putting together a treatment plan for me and when we completed treatment, my melasma was gone!”

In your opinion, how does Central Wellness stand out from other med spas?

“I started my journey with Central Wellness and haven’t left. So, although I don’t have experience with other med spas, I can say that I stay because of my relationship with the team at Central Wellness. They know me, my family and make me feel at home. Additionally, they’ve never pushed me in terms of sales, instead they have always listened to my concerns and delivered options based on my concerns.”

What’s been most surprising about your aesthetic and/or wellness journey with Central Wellness?

“Janine has invested and continues to invest so much into Central Wellness. The new building is evident of the investment but the amount of training she provides her staff to make sure they have cutting edge techniques is amazing. The tools/technology available to the team to help patients look and feel their best is also remarkable.”

How would you describe the culture of Central Wellness?

“Caring and fun. I always walk in with a smile and walk out smiling!”

What would you say to someone who is searching for a great med spa in Billings, MT?

“If you want to feel cared for, pampered, and be confident knowing you have an experienced and educated staff, this is the place for you (added bonus for the BEAUTIFUL state of the art new location!)”

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Tonya has been with Central Wellness for 6 years and has such great things to say about the treatments she’s received and the team that’s made her desired results possible. In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary, she says, “Congratulations! Thank you for including me in the incredible CW family. I am honored and so excited to see what the future brings. You have given so many people confidence, compassion, and hope!”

Thank you for being a long-term client here at Central Wellness, Tonya! What first brought you to Central Wellness, and what has led you to continue coming to Central Wellness?

“I had previous skin cancer removals that left me with scarring. I wanted to find a more proactive solution to avoid having removals at my doctor’s office. Through CW, I started quarterly skin layer photos and check-ups followed by quarterly BBL treatments. I am happy to say that I haven’t had a reoccurrence since beginning treatments at CW! Plus, the BBL has taken years off of my skin’s appearance!”

In your opinion, how does Central Wellness stand out from other med spas?

“Central Wellness is truly a medical spa, as opposed to the mani/pedi spas people often think of. The facility is absolutely amazing and the staff are highly skilled and trained professionals. They are incredible individuals who have compassion for people and love what they do. I have seen people treated for Tourette’s syndrome, massive scarring, and other issues that CW takes on daily with amazing results!!”

What’s been most surprising about your aesthetic and/or wellness journey with Central Wellness?

“I love being a part of a family instead of just being a client. Numerous times over my years at Central Wellness, I have had health issues and received hand-written “get well” cards and flowers. Janine has been such an encouragement to me as an advocate for so many issues involving people overall. I also love that I have been educated on the experiences and procedures I have had. Because of the knowledge I have received, I always feel confident in my care.”

What would you say to someone who is searching for a great med spa in Billings, MT?

“In my opinion, there is not another place like Central Wellness in Billings. During my travels, I have been to others, and there just isn’t anything like the Central Wellness experience. Janine’s belief that products and services have to be backed up by science and trials is above and beyond measure. She tries them out herself and her staff is compassionate and confident. It is a place for all people!”

"I just love my girls at Central Wellness. I am always treated with kindness. It's like visiting with friends. I am impressed with the care I receive, the products they sell and use themselves, and the way I always leave feeling more beautiful than when I came in Thanks!"
- Megan L

Ciara and Tonya are two examples of the many relationships we’ve built in the past 10 years at Central Wellness. Our goal is always to inspire confidence and empowerment in our community, and to make a positive difference in each client’s life one experience at a time. Thank you for 10 years of support, inspiration, friendship, and growth! 

When someone is looking for a med spa in Montana, it’s testimonies like Ciara’s and Tonya’s that point them to Central Wellness. If you’ve been treated at Central Wellness and would like to share your own story, leaving a review is a great way to do that! These are a great tool for anyone who is searching for an aesthetic/wellness provider, looking for testimonies of real client results, or wanting more information on Central Wellness. If you are interested in sharing your own story, click/tap the button below. 

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