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Central Wellness Celebrates 10 Years!

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Central Wellness Celebrates 10 Years! Staff Team Cheering With Confetti.

Central Wellness Celebrates 10 Years!

In 2022, Central Wellness celebrated being open for 10 years. As you know, we opened our brand new location in August of 2022, which was extremely exciting but also meant we didn’t have time for a 10 year anniversary celebration! Now that we’ve settled in, we are excited to reflect on the last 10 years. In this blog, learn about the history of Central Wellness, see how well you know Central Wellness today with some fun trivia, and get inside owner, Janine’s, head and heart by reading her anniversary interview.

central wellness celebrates 10 year anniversary
Where it all started...

In 2012, Janine Griffin and her daughter founded Central Wellness in hopes of creating a relaxing, rejuvenating environment for women to receive medical aesthetic treatments and feel empowered and energized to make a difference in the lives around them. The mission of Central Wellness would be to make a positive difference in each client’s life – one experience at a time.

At the time, a medical spa was not such a common idea in Montana – in fact, Central Wellness was the first medical spa in Montana to be owned by a non-medical person. Today, many other medical spas have been introduced to the growing community of Billings, Montana, but Central Wellness continues to be voted by its patrons as Billings’ best medical spa.

In the beginning, Janine says she was challenged to “really stop and think about [her] own belief system” and whether she was pushing vanity and supporting unrealistic beauty standards to the women around her. What she soon realized, though, was that women and men of all ages, stages of life, backgrounds, and confidence levels were leaving their treatments at Central Wellness feeling empowered, confident, and rejuvenated. Central Wellness became not only a place for aesthetics and wellness, but a place for people to be encouragement, gain confidence, and increase self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

What started as a 4-person team with each team member contributing to face-to-face interactions and consultations with clients, answering phone calls, scheduling, accounting, and marketing has now grown to a 15-person team filled with experts who each contribute a unique skillset to make Central Wellness what it is today.

As we head into the year 2023, we look back on the first 10 years that Central Wellness has been empowering the individuals in the community, and celebrate the accomplishments we’ve had, the friendships we’ve made, and the reputation we’ve built in the world of medical aesthetics. To further reflect on the past 10 years, we’ve interviewed owner, Janine Griffin about what she’s learned and overcome, what she’s most proud of, and what she’s looking forward to.

Janine, congratulations for celebrating 10 years with Central Wellness! What was one of your favorite “firsts” at Central Wellness in the past 10 years?

“Our first Client – building from one client to now hundreds of wonderful women and men who enjoy Central Wellness. Our first trade show at the Metra – meeting the public and winning them over with the Central Wellness way.”

What is one challenge you’ve faced and overcome with Central Wellness?

“When I decided to open an aesthetic practice, the learning road was long. I have undergone hundreds of hours of study and more training seminars than I can list to learn the aesthetic field. The biggest challenge was to earn the respect of a medical person as they joined our team because I am not a license medical professional.”

What is a fun, memorable moment you’ve had at Central Wellness?

“Opening our new facility and having a beautiful place for our clients to come and rejuvenate, and fill their cup with providers they call friends. At the Grand Opening celebration, it was fun to see our team all dressed up, mingling, laughing with clients, and enjoying a fun evening.”

What are some things you’ve learned about the medical aesthetics and wellness industries in the last 10 years?

“I am all about the wellness aspect. Beauty comes from within. If you do not feel well, you get run down, and it is really hard to feel beautiful. I’ve learned that hormones play a role in not only wellness, but beauty as well.”

Where do you hope to see Central Wellness go in the next 10 years?

“We want to become a training facility.”

How does Central Wellness stand out from other medical spas?

“Easy: this is not a job, it is a career path that all our providers love. They want to come to work, and they are excited to see who is on the schedule each day. They want to share with clients things they can do to feel and look their best.”

What has been your proudest moment in the 10 years since you opened Central Wellness?

“There have been lots of moments over the years, but I think what stands out to me the most is watching a new medical provider join our team, go through numerous trainings and evolve into an amazing aesthetic provider who loves what she is now doing.”

"Honestly, this is hands down the best med-spa I've ever been to. Every experience has been absolutely wonderful, and I'm always so happy with my results. I primarily come for Botox (Lacy is amazing) and plan to come here exclusively from now on. Highly recommended, I've told all my friends and family to check them out. Everyone has been very impressed and agrees that the women here are professional, honest, respectful, and very welcoming. I would give them all 10 stars if I could!"
- Amanda M

We want to personally thank you for your support of Central Wellness. Whether you’ve been a client for 10 years, you’re a new client of ours, or you’re supporting us from afar, we want to thank you for being a part of what makes Central Wellness what it is today. 

How well do you think you know Central Wellness? We’ve compiled a number of trivia questions – try to answer each question and then scroll through to find the correct answers! 

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