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Broadband Light Therapy

BBL Hero is The next generation (IPL) Therapy
BBL Photofacials

Women and men have been concerned about aging from the beginning of time. Forever Young BBL™ and BBL HERO™ (High Energy Rapid Output™ from Sciton, is a revolutionary treatment. BBL™ technology sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to fight the appearance of aging. BBL™ Photofacial ™ by Sciton® is the cutting-edge light therapy that targets signs of aging from sun damage, redness, to broken vessels.

BBL can be calibrated to address a wide range of skin conditions and leaves skin healthier, brighter, smoother, and more even in tone and texture. BBL HERO™ can quickly deliver outstanding results anywhere on the body.

BBL targets specific cells in the deeper layers of your skin without harming its surface or the surrounding tissues. It can break apart pigment so that your natural healing process can eliminate dark blemishes. BBL can also reduce the appearance of freckles and birthmarks. The treatment can be performed on all body areas, such as the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

BBL intense pulsed light heats and destroys unsightly, tiny vessels, and superficial capillaries of the face, neck, and chest. The wavelength of the light from the laser targets the pigment of the blood in the vessels, which clots and shrinks the vessel reducing redness, eliminating broken blood vessels, and other forms of uneven skin pigment. There is no known cure for Rosacea. Although a series of 6 BBL treatments with maintenance treatments will reduce the redness of the affected area without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

BroadBand Light (BBL®), now with HERO™, can quickly deliver outstanding results anywhere on the body. New Forever Young with BBL HERO technology delivers more power and results.

Each patient is given a customized treatment plan. It’s typical to schedule successive treatments approximately four weeks apart. First time patient’s begin treatments in the autumn and have 4 – 6 treatments before end of March.  By the time summer holiday season rolls around, they look marvelous. Scientific evidence demonstrates regular maintenance treatments, typically 1 per quarter for maintenance.  Using BBL functionally rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging.

Patients have described the sensation of receiving skin laser therapy as a quick rubber-band snap, resulting in mild discomfort. The procedure is rather quick.  You may experience some redness that should resolve within a few hours.

In most cases, you can apply makeup immediately, so there is typically no downtime. In some cases, darkened lesions may progress to scabs or crusting, and will start flaking off in 3-7 days. The lesion is usually healed in 7-10 days and will continue to fade over the next 2-4 weeks. Do not pick, scratch, or remove scabs or crusting. 

Let us reiterate: BBL is NOT a one-and-done treatment. For real results, you need to start with a package of 4-6 BBL treatments and maintain your results by getting a BBL treatment at least 2 – 4 times per year from one of our expert providers.

The reason one BBL treatment is never enough, over time our skin accumulates pigment from the sun, hormones, environmental factors, scarring etc. so it takes a few sessions to address the layers of accumulated pigment.

Treatment of common skin concerns, Forever Young BBL not only can restore damaged skin, but it also offers age-defying benefits.

Anti-Aging Benefits, Although the correction of skin imperfections is remarkable, Forever Young BBL also targets the skin cells, and alter the expression of the genes associated with the aging process to closely mimic the look and feel of younger skin.

Forever Young Anywhere, Anytime, whether you are 20 or 70 years old, Forever Young BBL is effective on all body areas, such as the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

No Surgery, No Downtime Benefits of Forever Young BBL include a completely non-invasive treatment, meaning no incisions or surgical methods. The treatment is simple and relatively quick, generally recommended 3- 4 times a year for maintenance to slow down the aging process. After your session, you can return to normal activities immediately.

Long-Lasting Results Further studies conclude that patients with regular Forever Young BBL treatments see long-lasting results. These studies also include patients who were treatment more than 10 years ago! With Forever Young BBL, patients’ skin looks smoother, clearer, and much younger.

What to Expect

The first step is your free assessment

During your assessment, a treatment provider will carefully examine your face, neck, chest, and hands to check for the kind of sun damage, vascular issues, and pigment irregularities that can be helped with BBL.

Before Treatment

You'll be asked to stay out of the sunlight before getting the treatment done.

If you've tanned recently, we'll ask you to wait a while before coming in for treatments.

We'll ask you to avoid medications that make you more sensitive to light, but always consult your doctor before stopping prescribed medications.

During Treatment

Treatments are quick and usually take about 30-60 minutes.

During the treatment, your skin may appear slightly red and swollen. This is a normal reaction.

You might feel a slight warming of the skin and mild discomfort during treatment.

After Treatment

You'll be asked to avoid scented lotions, exfoliants, and aggressive scrubbing.

It's normal for freckles and sunspots to initially get darker and they usually flake off within one or three weeks.

You might feel something like a sunburn after the treatment, butt an ice pack should help.

Pre & Post Care

Important facts to review prior your appointment, if any of these apply to you, please contact us by phone.

  • A history of abnormal response to sunlight, use photosensitizing medications (i.e., antibiotics), and or some supplements
  • Individuals who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or nursing
  • Recent sun exposure within the last 4 weeks
    (including tanning beds and self-tanning lotions)
  • Individuals who suffer from seizures as the light can trigger an episode
  • Accutane for 6 months
Additional Information
  • If you experienced cold sores in the treatment area, will recommend a course of anti-viral medication pre and post-treatment. Cold sores can also break out on people who are not prone to them, please as our office for a prescription if you have sensitive skin or are prone to cold sores or the herpes virus. 
  • No children or additional guests will be able to accompany the patient into the treatment room during the laser procedure to keep the highest level of eye safety.
  • Client who is using or has taken the medication Accutane within 12 months may have this procedure.

Please review the following information to properly care for yourself after your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

What To Expect Post Treatment
  • A cold compress or an ice pack can be used to provide comfort if the treated area is especially warm. This is typically only needed within the first 12 hours after the treatment.
  • Skin may appear red and swollen and have a mild sunburn sensation. This is a normal reaction. It can last from a few hours to a few days after treatment. Applying an ice pack for the first 24 hours will help minimize swelling.
  • Freckles and sunspots may turn slightly darker initially and then flake off within 7-14 days. This is a desired and normal reaction.
  • There may be erythema (redness) and slight edema (swelling) around the treated vessels. Often, they are lighter in appearance and look somewhat smudgy or less defined.
  • Avoid any sun exposure to the treated area for a minimum of 14 days after the procedure. The treated area is more prone to sunburn and pigmentation change during this time. Keep the area covered and use a medical grade sunscreen with a SPF of 40+, that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
  • Avoid heat, saunas, hot tubs and sweaty activity until skin is completely healed; this includes exercise of any kind.
  • Do not use an electric or manual facial brush of any kind (i.e. Clarisonic or something of the like) for 7 days after your treatment
  • Avoid products containing any exfoliating agents (retinoic acid, tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, astringents, etc.) for 7 days after treatment. Then you may resume your regular skin care routine.


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