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Ignite Your Summer Glow with a Medical Facial

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ignite your summer glow with medical facials

Facials are often equated with pampering: luxury experiences that leave your skin feeling refreshed. A medical facial is administered by a medical aesthetician who not only understands the skin, but is also trained in advanced skin care. Working to customize and facilitate an effective treatment plan for you.

Medical facials are different from spa facials, as they are less about feeling relaxed and more about benefiting the skin and allowing the client to see results. Our medical providers are trained in a multitude of skincare treatments and products enabling them to identify specific concerns and repair them. We have several medical facials that are customized to each individual’s specific skin and are often followed with a long-term treatment plan and or skincare routine.

Rejuvenation Options

Power Facial

For people with congestion, sun damage, and signs of aging, this is a great facial. Beginning with a consult to address your skin concerns this relaxing facial is tailored just for you.

Radiance Facial

A dermaplaning treatment paired with a custom facial. Giving a more youthful appearance, rejuvenating the skin and achieving a healthy, vibrant glow.

Custom Facial

Our signature facial consists of a full consultation where we will customize the products just for YOU! Using ZO medical grade professional products, with clinically proven results.

Benefits of Medical Facials

Deeper Transformation

Forget surface-level solutions. Medical facials unlock your skin’s potential, working deep within to restore and rejuvenate. Imagine: cleansed and protected skin, boosted collagen, improved circulation, toxins flushed away, and imperfections fading. Unlike traditional facials, these target cellular processes, meaning you’ll see instant improvements that last.

Tailored Just for You

Say goodbye to generic spa treatments! Medical facials start with a personalized assessment by our expert aestheticians and dermatologist. This dream team identifies your unique concerns – whether it’s acne, aging, rosacea, or anything else – and crafts a customised treatment plan. Your skin type, texture, and tone receive the specific attention they deserve, leading you closer to your goals, whether they’re for revitalization, correction, or gentle maintenance.

Medical-Grade Expertise

While traditional facials often rely on fragrances and potentially irritating ingredients, we prioritize scientifically proven, medical-grade products. These exclusive formulas, curated and overseen by our dermatologist, ensure non-invasive, low-risk, and highly effective treatments. This partnership between medical expertise and cutting-edge products is what sets our medical facials apart, and the results speak for themselves.

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