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Unlimited Possibilities: Botox at Central Wellness

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When some people who are new to Neuromodulators think about having Botox, they immediately think of a “frozen face” and make the assumption that Botox injections completely take away the ability to emote. According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, this is one of the most believed myths about Botox injections. Well-trained, sought-after injectors do not freeze the face – they slow the aging process and create a positive experience!

Facial aging is a 3-dimensional process involving changes to the bone, soft tissue, and skin. While each anatomical layer undergoes an aging process of its own, the superficial layers are dependent on what also happens at the deeper layers.  

The facial bones are the framework for the attachment of overlying soft tissue, providing stability, structure, and definition. Support from this platform diminishes as the bone recedes and remodels with age, resulting in the recession and repositioning of the overlying soft tissue. The muscles in our face play a large role in bone remodeling as the muscles are making the repetitive contraction, resulting in continual tugging on the facial structure. These continual facial expressions can exaggerate the brow and tear trough area, and the lower forehead begins to flatten. This can also result in the appearance of superficial and deep dynamic wrinkles. With muscles in a relaxed mode from neurotoxins (Botox), it stops exaggerated facial expressions, which helps slow bone remodeling. We all know it impacts the ability to create static lines, which we know as wrinkles!

Botox skeletal comparison

At Central Wellness, our staff is always learning, they attend two master training courses a year, and seek out the best injectors to glean new techniques.  We pride ourselves in researching the newest medical studies on the facial anatomy of the aging face.  

This also allows our expert injectors to not only help debunk commonly believed myths about Botox, but to provide clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions about treatments and the medical provider performing those treatments.

When seeking options for Botox injectors, it is vital to your desired results that you take extra care in selecting the right injector for you. A skilled injector will perform a detailed facial assessment and develop a treatment plan with the proper dosage and the ideal placements for your facial anatomy.  Because every person’s face is different along with your facial expressions! 

Meet Our Injectors

- Rachel -

Rachel, a Master Certified Injector, specializes in cosmetic injectables. Rachel uses her extensive knowledge to help educate clients on the science behind the treatment plans she develops for each individual client. She is committed to enhancing each client's natural beauty and achieving their aesthetic goals.

- Olivia -

Olivia helps clients reach their aesthetic goals by incorporating a personalized wellness plan into each treatment plan that she develops. This involves evaluating water intake, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and hormones when helping clients reach their desired goals. Olivia has 12 years in the skin business from out in California and is loving being at Central Wellness for the last year.

- McKenzie -

McKenzie has 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is passionate about helping clients achieve results that exceed their expectations. She takes time to assess each client's face for placement of Botox. She has a very soft touch and is an expert in many aesthetic modalities, and continues to further her education in aesthetics and state-of-the-art technologies in order to best meet the needs of the clients at Central Wellness.

Common botox Treatment Areas

You simply can’t go wrong when choosing to partner with any one of our expert injectors to help get you the results you desire! Each of our injectors offers Botox injections (among other injectables) to treat a number of areas for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as excessive sweating. Here are the most common areas we treat:

  • Forehead – 20 units of Botox can be injected into the forehead to help reduce the visibility of existing horizontal lines and wrinkles on the forehead, or prevent future lines and wrinkles.
  • Brows  – Between the eyebrows, 20 units of Botox can help treat or prevent scowl lines or furrow lines. 8 units of Botox can also be used to help lift your eyebrows to make your eyes appear brighter and more awake.
  • Eyes  – 24 units of Botox can be administered around the eyes to help treat or prevent “crows feet”, which are the lines etched in the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Nose – 8 units of Botox in the nose can help treat or prevent “bunny lines”, which are the lines that appear when scrunching your nose.
  • Mouth – 6-8 units of Botox around the lips can be administered to help treat or prevent the lines that appear on the outside of your mouth when you smile. A “lip flip” can also be performed by administering Botox to provide a fuller, plumper lip and reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile”. 4-8 units of Botox can be injected around the outside of the mouth to treat or prevent the turned-down corners of the mouth, referred to as “marionette lines”.
  • Chin – If your chin has unwanted dimples in it, 6-8 units of Botox can be used to smooth them out.
  • Neck – The vertical neck cords in the neck, known as Platysma Bands, can be relaxed and softened with the help of 15-30 units of Botox.
  • Under Arms, Palms, Soles of Feet – 30-50 units of Botox can be administered to these areas to help treat excessive sweating, known as Hyperhidrosis.

Real Results. Real People.

If you are interested in treating existing lines and wrinkles or preventing lines and wrinkles in any of these areas, one of our injectors would be happy to consult with you and provide a facial assessment! Our consultations are always free, and are a great opportunity for you to get to know an injector and ask any questions you may have. 

At Central Wellness, we not only value educating our providers, but we value educating our community. If you are interested in Botox but are hesitant to try it for yourself, you are welcome to attend one of our live demonstration events and witness Botox being administered on a live model. Visit our Class Calendar to see when our next event is! 

Interested in learning more from our experts? Book your FREE consultation today or call 406.869.1066!