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fortify your body from the inside out!

Are you tired of catching a cold or flu every time it hits the office? Tired of catching whatever the kids bring home from daycare or school? Are you sick of getting sick? Chronic illness and stress can deplete your body’s natural balance of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, neurotransmitters, and hormones.

It’s time to replenish these vital nutrients and get you back to living your best life! We offer a number of IV Treatment therapies, supplements, and Bio-identical Hormone replacement that can help boost your immune system and help prevent you from getting sick. It also fortifies the body and helps you get over sickness and stay well.

You may get sick more often if you have certain health conditions. It could be related to a vitamin deficiency, dehydration, or diet, among other possibilities. If you get sick often, it may be due to your immune system function or other health conditions that affect it. While you can’t always prevent illness, you may be able to change your diet and routine to support better immune health.

Our highly trained experts at Central Wellness can help you find safe solutions and give you back control of your wellness. Learn more about your treatment options below!

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy

IV Therapy. Your body needs important vitamins to function optimally. Essential vitamins can replenish levels quickly and efficiently.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormones are an important part of your body’s messenger system. These chemicals send signals to almost every part of your body. They control things like your mood, growth, and even body hair.



Supplements improve the quality of life through clinical nutrition, giving back to the body what is deficient.


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