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BHRT & Weight Loss: Help for Sugar Cravings

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Do you want to navigate sugar cravings? Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can help!

Managing sugar cravings becomes even more crucial when you are working on weight loss goals. Hormonal imbalances, especially in critical players like insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones, can significantly influence our cravings for sugary treats. BHRT aims to restore and maintain hormonal balance, offering a potential solution to not only manage cravings, but also enhance overall health.

The Role of Hormones in Sugar Cravings:

Insulin Sensitivity: BHRT can improve insulin sensitivity, helping regulate blood sugar levels and reducing the likelihood of sudden sugar cravings.

Cortisol Regulation: Balancing cortisol levels through BHRT can aid in stress management. High-stress levels often lead to emotional eating, particularly sugary foods.

Sex Hormones: Imbalances in estrogen and progesterone can impact mood and cravings. BHRT strives to optimize these hormones, reducing sugar cravings associated with hormonal fluctuations.

Integrating BHRT into Your Wellness Journey

BHRT, combined with expert nutritional guidance, can provide insights into dietary choices that complement hormone therapy and aid in managing sugar cravings. BHRT is most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, stress management techniques, and sufficient sleep enhance the benefits of hormone therapy. Schedule a consultation with experts to assess your hormonal profile and discuss personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.

“Before my journey with BHRT at Central Wellness, I was struggling with sugar cravings and weight gain. Once my hormone levels were optimized, I could lose the weight that gradually snuck on over the years and seemed impossible to lose, and I discovered a new lifestyle and diet "

BHRT weight loss ketone support
Supplement Spotlight

Ketone Support may help with improved energy, better appetite control, healthy blood sugar balance, reduced fatigue, and increased athletic performance. Research has shown that ketones are neuroprotective agents that encourage the growth and myelination of neurons in the brain and may assist with improved cognitive function and mental acuity throughout the day.

Integrating BHRT into Your Wellness Journey

  • Mindful Choices: Hormones send signals to the brain that influence our cravings, hunger and body weight. Opt for protien it fills you up quickly and keeps you full for a long time. It also decreases post-meal secretions of the hunger hormone ghrelin, thus reducing feelings of hunger. Protein also takes more energy to digest and increases lean muscle mass, both of which help boost metabolism
  • Stay hydrated: Sometimes, our bodies misinterpret thirst as hunger. Stay well-hydrated with herbal teas, soups, and water to manage cravings and prevent overindulgence.
  • Ultra-processed foods: Are low in nutrients and fiber, so they’re digested quickly, “As a result, eating them (think potato chips, candy bars and toaster pastries) causes a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, which triggers a significant release of insulin. Because insulin must clear glucose from your bloodstream quickly, most of those calories are sent to your fat cells
  • Physical Activity: Stay active during the holiday season. Physical activity helps burn extra calories and boosts your mood, making it easier to resist excessive sugar cravings.
  • Mindset Matters: Remember that moderation is about balance, not deprivation.

“In the recipe of life, balance is the key ingredient. Too much sugar may tip the scales, but a mindful sprinkle can add joy without sacrificing well-being.”

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