Thread Lift—The non-invasive facelift

A Thread Lift is a procedure for lifting and also tightening skin on the face. The procedure is not surgical, which means that unlike a typical facelift you won’t have to go under the knife. In fact, except for the end product, there’s little to nothing to compare between the two procedures. For instance, a surgical facelift requires that a person undergo a considerable downtime to recover, whereas, with a thread lift, a person may only need one or two days.

What Happens During a Thread Lift Procedure?

During the procedure, a type suture that is both biodegradable and absorbable is put in the skin to strategically lift and contour it around the middle and lower parts of the face. The parts of the face that benefit from a Thread Lift are: the cheeks and jowls, and the lips and neck. All places on the face where a person might suffer a breakdown in collagen, a loss in volume. The sutures, are connected to tiny cone-like objects which are placed beneath the skin, and both help to tighten these areas, but also encourage collagen stimulation through inflammation.
The thread lift procedure is not necessarily new; it has been around since the nineties. However, the technologies employed in those earlier procedures were slightly more invasive and, in comparison with today’s modern procedure, antiquated and limited. The sutures once used were barbed in nature, and had to be anchored to deep tissues in the scalp, temple, and brow.
Recently, the FDA approved a type of absorbable medical suture that makes the procedure viable for most all parts of the face; modern sutures do not need to be anchored into deep tissue. Modern sutures can be positioned to lift the skin in two different directions, allowing for an end product that appears three dimensional—previous versions could only be anchored in the face in one direction, which at times provided a less desirable up-and-down, two-dimensional look.
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