Skin Health: Broadband Light Therapy

We all know the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin; in fact, amazingly, the sun’s rays are responsible for over eighty-percent of wrinkles and brown spots. Yes, there are many other factors that contribute, overall, especially with wrinkles. And we know and understand that products such as sunblock—a sunblock with an appropriate SPF—limit our skin’s exposure to these harmful UV Rays, so many of us take regular precautions to protect our skin.
But there are so many who spent considerable time in the sun without protection (Remember the time when it was considered healthy to achieve a light tan?). And for those of us who do have sun damage, wrinkles and sun spots, Central Wellness has a treatment, skin therapy, that can diminish wrinkles and erase sun spots.
It’s called Broadband Light Therapy, and it is a safe and non-invasive treatment (Requires no downtime after a treatment) for: Age spots, Small Facial Veins, Rosacea (Rosacea is the name of a condition responsible for facial redness and swelling due to enlarged blood vessels in the face), Redness and Flushing, Port Wine Stains, Red Spots (commonly called Hemangiomas), and others.
Broadband Light Therapy uses light energy to interact with the blemishes, spots, etc., and the stimulation from the light forces the skin to rejuvenate itself. The result is a minimizing or downsizing of the blemish, spots, etc. And while there is no downtime required following a procedure, it is possible to have redness at the treatment sight. Over the course of the next week these treated spots will darken, but will then simply fade or flake away.
It may be necessary to complete a series of Broadband Light Therapy Treatment, however the number of treatments necessary to completely eliminate blemishes, spots, etc., will depend on a patient’s skin.
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an initial complimentary consultation with the medical professionals at Central Wellness to discuss your potential Broadband Light Therapy Treatment, then call today.