Diet and Exercise are Not Bad Words: Here’s Why

The word diet in modern usage tends to be aligned with certain restrictions; a person who is on a diet is someone who denies themselves certain foods for the purpose of weight loss. But the word diet only means the foods we eat regularly and the methods in which we prepare them. It’s as simple as that. And it’s such a positive word in so many ways that it’s unfortunate that it is now mostly linked to negative connotations.
And the word exercise gets lumped in oftentimes comparatively with the regular practice of an athlete. But you don’t have to become an acetic fifty-hours a week athlete to get exercise. When we talk about exercise, we’re only talking about the potential needs of the body to engage in physical activity; the method by which it’s performed can be measured on a practically infinite scale depending on the needs/wants of the person who’s exercising. Simple.
So, we know that we need to eat certain foods and refrain from/limit others. Our diets should consist primarily of those foods that are best for our body and its many systems. For instance, we know we need fruits and vegetables in our diets, but it’s not because fruits and vegetables are low in calories which enables us to maintain our weight.
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with the nutrition that our bodies need to function properly. And exercise doesn’t have to mean ten hours a week at the local CrossFit gym—although for some, it will mean that. But exercise only has to mean the physical activity we engage in, regularly, to keep our body and mind (Remember exercise is a potent treatment for stress, anxiety, etc.) healthy.
It’s time to live a healthier lifestyle, with a holistic approach to diet and exercise. Call Central Wellness today.