The reported benefits of Botox as a treatment may sound too good to be true. It might make a person wonder if there is a catch? For instance, a treatment that has such a profound effect on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles must also have profound side effects or be invasive. But Botox is safe and it requires little to no downtime after a procedure. Here’s a few of the reasons why Botox is both safe and effective, and should be a consideration for anyone who wishes to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Wrinkles and forehead lines are an unfortunate side effect of aging. Over time the muscles beneath our skin, which move and contact the skin, cause the development of lines and wrinkles. And these wrinkles and fine lines are not hazardous to our health or are indications of illness; but wrinkles and lines can have personal aesthetic consequences.
It’s a misconception that a Botox injection numbs the face. No, you won’t have to sleep sitting upright (unless you already sleep upright), you won’t have to worry about your appearance for days or weeks after a treatment. Botox is non-invasive, and it is possible to have a treatment and then apply complimentary makeup—it is possible after a treatment to notice redness at the injection site—then return to normal activity. And if you do notice some redness or minor swelling at the injection site, it is temporary.
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