Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Benefits

It’s an unfortunate fact of aging that men and women will experience a decline in vital hormones. The side-effects of this unfortunate condition are numerous, although the most common symptoms include a decrease in energy, weight gain, decreased libido, and trouble sleeping.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the past, a type of synthetic hormone therapy was used to counter act any decrease in bodily hormones, but these synthetic hormones unfortunately increased the risk for certain types of cancer and even heart disease. These types of hormones are created entirely in a lab, and the molecular structure isn’t suited to the human body.
That’s one of the ways in which Bioidentical Hormones are unlike other antiquated synthetic-type methods: Bioidentical hormones are naturally occurring hormones that are a precise match to those hormones found in the body; the hormones are extracted from natural yam and soy plants and then synthesized.
Central Wellness’s team of medical providers will rely on extensive blood testing and a thorough patient evaluation to formulate a treatment tailor made to each patient’s needs. And each medical provider is qualified and very experienced in the treatment of and the monitoring and adjustment of the hormones.
Most every patient who undergoes Bioidentical treatment experiences an almost immediate renewed sense of well-being. But most patients see a change in symptoms in as early as four weeks, and most patients can expect to be entirely balanced 2 to 4 months. And while you may feel that the hormones within your body are fluctuating, the medical providers at Central Wellness are prepared and experienced in the monitoring of the hormones. The way the hormones are prescribed vary, but include transdermal creams, tablets, shots, and even pellets. The pellet form is one of Central Wellness’s most preferred methods of administration, because the pellet beneath the skin provides a sustained hormonal level, and it is also not metabolized in the liver, which allows the body to use the appropriate amount needed for optimal success.
Before you begin your journey with Bioidentical hormones, schedule an initial complimentary consultation so that any of your questions can be answered. Call Central Wellness today and experience a new you with Bioidentical hormones.