Aerobics, Weight Loss & CoolSculpting

We’ve written about exercise before, and everyone knows the great weight loss benefits combined with CoolSculpting can be very beneficial for most people, male or female.  Aerobic exercise—running, swimming, cycling, etc.—does so much more then just allow you to shed a few pounds, however.  When you are performing aerobic exercises, the large muscle groups in your body—legs, back, arms, hips—will increase the blood flow to these major muscles, which, in turn, will cause your heart to beat faster.  You’ll breath deeper which will maximize the amount of oxygen in your blood stream.  And your small capillaries will deliver more oxygen to your muscles and carry away waste products.  So, while all that’s going on, there’s still a host of other rewards aerobic exercise will have on your body:
Aerobic exercise causes a natural release of endorphins, which will improve your mood, lessen any possible effects from anxiety or depression, and even allow you to relax much more easily.  Also, while aerobic exercise may seem difficult, to someone just starting out, they will continue to make personal gains almost each and every time they participate, so the rewards can be great.
Aerobic exercise not only helps prevent conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, it can also help to protect our bodies from common ailments such as the cold or flu.  And, the performance of regular exercise may also help us to live longer.  Studies have shown that those that participate in regular aerobic exercise out live their non-exercising counterparts.  If you already have a chronic condition such as coronary artery disease or diabetes, regular aerobic exercise can be a part of the management strategy for the disease.
If you have never participated in regular aerobic activity, or if it has been a long while, remember to start out slow.  Start out with a simple walk and build up from there.   You don’t have to go from sedentary to training for a marathon, in fact it would be hard on your body.  And, aerobic exercise doesn’t have to be an intense experience.  Regular exercise that gets your heart beating and you breathing steady will be effective.

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Exercise, weight loss and CoolSculpting all go hand in hand. If you’ve been exercising and are struggling to get rid of that last little bit of fat around your tummy, thighs or arms, CoolSculpting could be the answer that you are looking for. Schedule an appointment today to see how CoolSculpting can help you!