Your Goal: To Safely Lose Weight (and keep it off!)

Safely Lose Weight, Be Happier, Be Healthier

Are you in a constant battle with your weight?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Studies show that only about one in six Americans are able to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.  There are a variety of reasons for their struggles.  But what it all boils down to is that they simply don’t have a weight loss plan.
Here at Central Wellness, we can help you determine your weight loss goals, develop a plan, and blow past those goals!  You not only lose the weight, but you keep it off by learning positive lifestyle choices that lead to a happier healthier you!

“Is Fast and Effective Weight Loss Safe?”

If you have ever watched late night television, you have probably seen commercials for personal injury attorneys.  They advertise that if you have used certain weight loss pills, and you have suffered from a specific problem, then you should call right away to get in on a class action lawsuit.
Central Wellness does not advocate weight loss pills.  These are nothing more than a gimmick.
For weight loss to be fast, effective, and long lasting, you need a goal with a plan.  That is where we come into play.  You have a consultant that will help you find the right plan to fit your needs.  You will meet with a medical professional to ensure that your plan is going not going to hurt you.  You commit to the right diet with the right exercise and the right lifestyle to ensure that your weight loss goals are reached.
In the end, you safely lose weight, and you keep it off!

“I Have Never Found a Diet that Works”

We have talked to a lot of people here in Billings.  One question that we always ask is, “Have you tried dieting?” The response is generally affirmative.  We follow up that question asking, “Did that diet work, and did it work for the long term?”  Almost always we hear that the diet worked, but not as well as expected and didn’t last as long as hoped.
Central Wellness doesn’t hand you a diet and hope for the best!
When you join our weight loss program, you get one-on-one attention.  You have a consultant to help you understand the diet and your needs, and then you get tailored advice that helps you succeed.  We are in the business of changing lives; not just handing out one-size-fits-all diets.
You’re right, diets don’t work.  Your customized healthy lifestyle helps you to safely lose weight and keep it off!

“I Need to Lose Weight Fast!”

Most of us don’t think about losing weight until something triggers the idea that we need to lose weight.  Often it is when we start to pull the summer clothes from the closet and realize that they don’t look quite as spectacular as they did last year.
A healthy adult can safely lose 2-5 pounds per week (depending on age, body type, sex, and a variety of health factors).
Want to shed 10 pounds in the next month?  We have a program for that.
Want to drop 25 or more pounds by the end of the summer?  We can get you there.
Unsure of where to start because you know your lifestyle is unhealthy and needs a major overhaul?  We have a program specifically suited for you!
If you’re trying to get the bikini body back, or just ensure that your heart is going to last until you’re in your senior years, Central Wellness has programs that let you lose weight fast, keep the weight off, and live a fuller life!

Ready to Safely Lose Weight?

Central Wellness has immediate openings for those ready to safely lose weight (and keep it off!).  Give us a call at 406-869-1066 to learn more about our programs, or come by our spa located at 1010 Central Ave. Ste 2 in Billings, Montana!