Winter Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Your skin can get painfully dry during the winter, but you don’t have to wait for spring to arrive before you can expect relief. All you need to do is follow these simple skincare tips to keep your winter itch at bay.
Use a Moisturizer to Lock In Moisture
Contrary to what many people believe, moisturizers will not actually moisturize your skin. What they do is lock in existing moisture and keep it from leaving your skin. Still, that does make them endlessly useful during the dry winter months. Continue using your favorite moisturizer as part of your skincare regimen, and apply as much lotion as you need to feel comfortable.
Don’t Shower with Very Hot Water
As much as you may want to, try to avoid taking a really hot shower during the winter. Hot water will wash away your skin’s natural oil a lot faster than cooler water will, which will leave your skin feeling dry. You don’t need to take cold showers this winter, but turn down the temperature if you’ve been having problems with dry skin.
Pat Yourself Dry
When you finish your not-too-hot shower, pat yourself dry with your towel instead of rubbing the water off your skin. This will leave a little extra moisture on your skin that you can lock in with a body lotion.
Keep Some Supplies On Hand
Since your skin will obviously dry out sometime after you’ve showered, you will want to keep some supplies on hand. Some lotion will help soothe the worst of your itch, but it still won’t moisturize your skin. If you want the best results, keep a thermal bottle of warm water on hand with your lotion. If you feel like your skin is getting too dry, spray some water onto it and lock in the moisture with your lotion.
Like most everything else related to your health, the best way to combat dry skin this winter is to listen to your body. You know how your skin is supposed to feel, so take steps to fix any problems you think you might have as they arrive. These tips will certainly help, but you should never hesitate to ask your doctor for advice if you’ve been struggling with a severe winter itch.
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