Why Protein Is An Important Part Of Your Weight Loss Program

When it comes to your weight loss program there, are certain things that can help you lose weight effectively. Protein can be an essential part of a successful weight loss diet. When we add protein to our diet, it helps us feel fuller and stay on track. Myfitnesspal.com highlights five ways protein can assist in your weight loss journey.

  1. Protein Satisfies – When we eat protein, the digestive process is slower, so we feel fuller and are not as likely to go back for seconds.
  2. It curbs highs and lows – Protein paired with the right moderation of carbohydrates slows down sugar absorption from your stomach to your bloodstream, which can assist in sugar highs and lows that lead to cravings.
  3. Protein uses more energy – Because it takes us longer to digest protein, we use more energy to digest it. Because of this you actually burn some calories while you digest your protein!
  4. It assists in fat burning – Our bodies need something to assist in fat burning. Protein is a great supplement in assisting with fat burning.
  5. Protein builds muscle – When we lose weight we lose muscle as well. But protein can help to build that lean muscle that we need to keep us healthy and active. If you have lost your weight and are regaining muscle, a protein supplement can be a great tool for you.

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