Why pedicures are essential to your health!

Ladies it’s that time of year to pull out our cute sandals and flaunt our colorful toes. We are so excited to have added manicures and pedicures to the services we provide here at Central Wellness, so we thought we would talk a bit about how regular pedicures can be beneficial to your health.
Most of us do not think of a pedicure as something we need in our health routine. But a pedicure is more than just a spa indulgence and pretty toes. Just like with the rest of your body, your feet are the only ones you have, so it is important to take care of them! In this case that means a spa pedicure with all the frills, including a hot stone massage. We have found some great reasons for you to schedule regular pedicures.
Healthy feet are happy feet!
Regular pedicures can help prevent infections. We all know that feet can get dry and cracked. If you aren’t a regular moisturizer a pedicure can add that additional moisture your feet are missing. To get extra hydration between appointments, use a foot cream like Hydro Continue from Phytomer.
Pedicures also incorporate a foot massage. Massages of any kind can increase circulation. When your feet are feeling better you are more likely to be active! So make sure your feet are feeling healthy and happy!
Don’t be callus to your feet!
Ignoring the health of your feet can lead to calluses. Calluses form in areas of friction and not taking the proper care of those areas can cause the skin to break down and lead to sores or ulcerations. Regular moisture and scrubbing from pedicures will not only give you silky smooth feet but it can also help to remove and prevent calluses.
Destress your joints!
Stress is a large contributor to many health issues. Soaking in warm water can help to relieve stress in general but it can also help achy joints. Along with the soaking, the foot massage will put your joints through motions that will help decrease stiffness.
These are a few of the great reasons to get a regular pedicure. However we recommend you be picky when it comes to choosing the spa you frequent for your pedicures. A pedicure that isn’t done correctly can be unsanitary and unsafe for your health. Stay away from jetted tubs! They may seem relaxing, but it is nearly impossible to properly clean or sanitize the jets. Unsanitary pedicures carry high risks of infections.
Now that you have the benefits in mind to have a relaxing, beneficially and invigorating pedicure, who is ready to be pampered? Call 406-869-1066 or visit centralwellness.com today!