Why do Diet and Exercise Sound Like Bad Words?

Diet and exercise are discussed ad naseam. Especially the word diet, that one starting to take on meanings above and beyond the one intended for it. Diet is a simple word, it means: the kind of food that a person or an animal eats.
It doesn’t mean starving oneself, or eating in a certain way to benefit someone’s weight, or bodily image. It just means what we eat. Don’t get hung up on that word anymore. Exercise simply means being active. You don’t have go out and run a triathlon to exercise—although, for those of you who are the ambitious types, you could have that as an eventual goal.
Exercise Put Simply
Exercise can mean any physical activity. Any amount of moving around, walking, doing something more strenuous that causes the heart to pump. Physical activity is also good: household chores, shoveling the driveway in winter, planting the garden in summer, etc. Exercise should be considered separate from that everyday type of physical activity; but that doesn’t mean it should be any more difficult. It just needs to be done regularly, routinely, a minimum threshold of weekly exercise is 150 minutes every week—which sounds like a lot, but broken down between seven days is approximately 22 minutes every day. If you don’t want to do exercise every day, don’t, buy try to keep to that weekly total. If you don’t make it one week, don’t give up, just try and complete it the next week. Oftentimes you just need to make it a habit, a priority in your life, and it will seem easy after that to find the time.
Diet just means to eat the foods that are best for your body. Limit sweets, sugars, refined carbs, yada yada, etc., etc. We all know—or have heard—what’s good and bad for us to eat. We know that fruits and vegetables, legumes (beans!) and whole grains, are healthy everyday choices for our bodies. Does that mean we can’t eat the occasional treat? No. There’s no strict rules for most of us in what we eat, but if we just keep to a routine, healthy eating habit, we’re enabling a healthy diet. That’s it. That’s all it takes. If you are interested in strict weight-loss, you may have to abide by certain calorie restrictions and refrain from the treats, but basically it’s the same: eat healthy, keep the unhealthy fats, carbs, etc., out of the diet.
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