When Should You Start Taking Hormones?

Hormone imbalance can arise from any number of reasons and age is not the only factor. In both men and women, the symptoms of hormone decline can cause lack of energy, low sex drive, weight gain, etc. These symptoms are not something we should have to live with for all of our adult lives!
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When Should You Start Taking Hormones?

In women, progesterone is usually the first hormone to start to decline, often resulting in sleep problems and mood swings. With time and during the years of childbirth, ovarian production of estrogen changes, which combined with less progesterone can cause irregular periods and mood swings. Because of these symptoms, women have often been prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants, and oral contraceptives instead of hormones to correct the imbalance.
While men typically experience a slow, steady decline of testosterone instead of a drastic decline like women, the symptoms of essential hormone decline are enough to make men seek relief. Some men assume that adding testosterone is related to prostate cancer. Conversely, older men are usually those who develop prostate cancer due to low testosterone, not younger men with higher testosterone.

At what age should people start taking hormones?

Every person’s hormone levels are different, so there is no hard and fast age to begin hormone therapy. However, many are of the belief that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is just for people in their 50s and 60s and that is just not true! When you start feeling symptoms, consider scheduling a consultation with a board-certified provider to safely alleviate symptoms and help you feel like yourself again.
If you think a hormone imbalance might be affecting you, schedule a consultation or take our hormone imbalance quiz! 
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