Weight Gain and Hormone Imbalance

This is an unfortunate statistic: Nearly 2/3 of women between the ages of 40 and 59 and 3/4’s of the women over the age of sixty are overweight. It’s a difficult statistic that becomes a reality for many women (and men) as they age. And did you know that one of the common causes of weight gain for aging persons is hormone imbalance/loss of testosterone. It’s true. And hormone imbalance (menopause) can also be responsible for changing the distribution of fat on a woman’s body—oftentimes, during menopause, a woman’s body will begin to distribute fat in the midsection, increasing the likelihood of abdominal obesity. And the tendency for a woman’s body to have a preferential distribution in the center of their body doesn’t go away with more activity. Why is this a problem? The leading cause of death for postmenopausal women, today, is cardiovascular disease.
And while the only major treatment for the actual weight gain is a healthy diet, possible supplementation, and, where possible, an increased level of physical activity, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can be used to treat the hormone imbalance, increasing the likelihood of a healthier life.
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy does not have the same side-effects as a synthetic hormone, and the medical experts at Central Wellness are trained and certified to use Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to diagnose, treat, and manage hormone imbalance. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an initial Complimentary Consultation, then call Central Wellness today.