Often, walking is overlooked as a way to stay fit. But walking is a perfectly good way to get exercise. In fact, walking has the same health benefits as any type of exercise. It’s a great way to strengthen and tone muscles, work the cardiovascular system, etc. Recently, walking as exercise has developed into the practice of counting a total number of steps taken each and every day. Pedometers worn on the wrist helps to count the steps. And, while these pedometers are effective, it’s important to set aside time each day, or a few days a week, when you walk for the purpose of getting exercise.


If you are new to exercise, then start off walking short, manageable distances. Walk for exercise for one half hour, then see how you feel after. The next day you walk—this could either be the very next day, or the next day in your exercise schedule—increase your time or distance. You can walk for the same span of time, but you can increase your walking speed, which will increase your distance.
One of the many benefits of walking is that you can visit different places. And, it’s an exercise that you can do practically anywhere, and in any weather—obviously, take certain precautions on days with either overly-warm or frigidly-cold weather.


Pedometers and activity trackers are a useful tool—although not entirely necessary—to keeping track of steps and pace. Some modern activity trackers can track your progress through different sports—some can even track your distances when you swim and bike. Activity trackers can determine distances walked or run—some sports watches even include a barometer and altimeter—they will even attempt to record the number of calories burned.
Most activity trackers are worn on the wrist–some pedometers are meant to be worn on the waist belt of your pants—and some of these watch-type trackers can keep track of your day’s progress from start to finish. You can program them to account for the day as a whole—total number of steps, etc.—and then also record your workout.
Remember, walking doesn’t have to be complicated. No, you don’t need the latest and greatest gadget to record your progress—sure, they’re useful, but not necessary. The most important thing is that you get out and give your body its much needed daily dose of exercise.

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