Understanding your Injector!

When it comes to getting Botox and dermal fillers it is important to ask questions about more than just price. One of the most important questions you should be asking is, who is injecting me? Your biggest concern should be ensuring that the person injecting you is highly qualified and up to date on all the latest injecting techniques. This past week Central Wellness had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Dave Christainson to our facility to help enhance our knowledge on the latest treatment techniques that are happening on the east coast and in one of his facilities in Florida. Dr. Christainson complemented our staff on how progressive our injecting techniques were and that our Nurse Practitioners, Kacie and Heidi using the cannula technique for dermal fillers is something he has been doing for years, yet hadn’t seen anywhere else in Montana until he visited Central Wellness. Along with our injector’s previous knowledge, Dr. Christianson enhanced our staff’s current knowledge so that we can continue to get the best results possible in each and every client.
The next question you may be asking is, why is the cannula technique better? There are a couple of reasons why many top injectors are choosing the cannula technique

  • Less bruising
  • Less Pain
  • Single point of entry for wider coverage.

When your injector uses a cannula technique, instead of poking your multiple times they are able to poke you once or twice and get even better results. The down time is significantly lowered because of the lower chance of bruising or pain during the procedure. Anytime you are dealing with procedures on your face to have trust in the person who is doing the treatment will create a more relaxed experience and as a patient you will be happier with your results.
Nurse Practitioners, Heidi and Kacie are available Monday through Friday for Dermal Fillers, Botox, and many other aesthetic needs you may have. To book or receive more information please call 406-869-1066 or visit centralwellness.com.