Ultherapy Wrinkle Reduction

Tired of loose, lax, sagging skin, accentuated acne scarring and wrinkles that appear with weight loss and aging? Do you want a more defined neck and jawline? We’ve got a solution for you. Ultherapy is an FDA approved nonsurgical skin tightening device that uses ultrasound therapy for visible results. At Central Wellness can reverse signs of aging on your skin in under an hour!
Ultherapy is a revolutionary skin tightening device that works by using ultrasound waves to penetrate the deep tissue below the skin. This deep tissue is responsible for generating collagen and elastin, substances that are necessary to keep skin taut and elastic. Deep tissue also gives the skin its underlying shape, so by targeting this deep tissue Ultherapy is able to achieve results comparable to a surgical face or neck lift.
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