Treatment For Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are common, although they don’t always look alike. Oftentimes stretch marks can vary in appearance according to these factors: how long the stretch marks been on a person’s body, where they are on the body, what caused the stretch marks—i.e. sudden growth from pregnancy—and what type of skin a person has. Stretch marks could appear as any of the following: indented lines in the skin—colored the same as the skin around it, maybe pink or red—the stretch marks could be streaks colored pink, red, purple, blue, even black.
What’s the cause?
Stretch marks are caused by the breaking down of the elasticity in the dermis (the dermis is just the term for one of the layers of our skin) and this breaking down causes, what can only be categorized as an injury. With the injury comes the scar tissue: stretch marks. This breaking down of the elasticity of the dermis can be caused from any number of things. Obviously, there’s weight gain, both progressive weight gain over time and rapid weight and size gain (pregnancy). Sometimes stretch marks happen during adolescence, when a rapid growth occurs. For those of you who weight lift, who have aspirations of growing enormous muscles know that bulking up those muscles and stretching the skin over the top will cause stretch marks.
Are there treatments for stretch marks?
Yes, there are treatments, ways of making stretch marks much less visible. Central Wellness uses a laser treatment, which improves the color of stretch marks and improves the skin texture in the stretch marks. The skin will look smoother, and cleaner, the scars much less visible and pronounced. And best of all, the treatment can be performed on all areas of the body. And it’s an in-and-out procedure, and often only requires one or a few treatments to get the desired results (every patient is going to have different outcomes, depending upon the severity of the stretch marks).
If you have any more questions as to the treatment of stretch marks call Central Wellness today.