Treating Aging Hands:

The appearance of a person’s hands is usually a telltale sign of his or her age. While many of us worry about the effects of aging on our face—and for very good reason—oftentimes we forget that other parts of our bodies undergo the same dramatic aging effects. Like our face, our hands can undergo a breakdown in collagen, and have a displacement and diminishment of fat; our hands can begin to show the prominent veins beneath (as the collagen and fat in our hands breaks down over time, hands begin to get a sunken-in look, making the tendons and veins appear more prominent) and develop dark spots and wrinkles.

Treating Aging Hands:

And did you know that Central Wellness can use a variety of medical treatments and procedures–the same treatments and procedures that change the appearance of our faces—to treat any possible skin damage and the appearance of aging hands.
Peels are one treatment to change the appearance of our skin. Skin that has colored spots and damage, may be a good candidate for a skin peel. If you and your medical provider at Central Wellness decide a peel is best for your skin needs, the only real major side-effect to worry over is the constant application of high SPF sunblock (your hands are a difficult body part to keep out of the sun) because the new layer of skin beneath is particularly sensitive to the UV Rays.
Topical Creams are loaded with collagen-promoting ingredients; any cream that benefits the skin on our face is a terrific choice for the skin on our hands. Central Wellness stocks many different types of lotions and creams that benefit your skin. Also, microdermabrasion is a quality choice to remove the bad dead skin cells, exfoliating the outer-most layer of skin; the damage done to the skin from the treatment (intentional damage) triggers a regenerative response from our body to build more collagen.
There are many ways to treat the aging skin on our hands, and Central Wellness is ready to first explain and then show you the potential options to help you combat any of the dramatic effects of aging.

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