Time for a Massage: Because It’s Good for You

Too often the word massage gets grouped with the types of activities we do when we pamper ourselves. For example, it oftentimes gets placed in the same category as the words “spa day”. But the massage has benefits that go above and beyond simple pampering—although the massage, too, does have the same types of relaxation/mediational/enjoyable benefits as a day at the Central Wellness spa, and could even be included in such an event. And here are a few reasons why a massage is good for your health.


A massage is oftentimes thought of as a complimentary-type medicine; it gets offered for a wide variety of conditions. But massages benefits can go beyond the everyday, and become a quality treatment for: Anxiety, Digestive Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia—especially insomnia due to stress—Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Strains within Soft Tissue, and Temporomandibular Joint Pain. And the massage does not replace a Doctor’s care or treatment, but it can complement and bolster most other treatments.
The more obvious benefits of massage include the relief of stress, and the enjoyment/relaxation that comes from massage. It can also produce feelings of comfort and closeness. It’s going to relieve muscle tension; a sports-focused massage can help those who participate in athletics to treat muscular injuries, or prevent them altogether.
The wellness massage offered at Central Wellness focuses on a total sense of well-being—90 minutes of treatment that uses aromatherapy and heat to relax the body as well as the mind. And for those mothers-to-be, assuming, of course your body is able to handle massage, there is a prenatal massage to work out all those extra kinks and soreness associated with pregnancy. And not only will this massage improve the body aches, but the massage will also improve the circulation.
If you have any questions about massage, or about how Central Wellness can help you, then call today.