Thread Lift

A thread lift is a relatively non-invasive procedure to sculpt the skin. A suture is place strategically in the skin to both lift and contour sagging skin. And for those of you aware of the procedure, did you know that newer technologies (The thread lift has been around as a procedure for several decades) the FDA recently approved an upgraded biodegradable absorbable suture?
It’s an amazing advancement for the procedure, and because of the updates to the suture the Thread Lift procedure has become extremely effective at treating sagging skin around the face and on the neck. It’s also made it an excellent choice as a procedure to lift the sagging skin on the breasts, buttocks, and knees. And after a procedure the body’s natural systems take over; the body begins the healing process and the skin surrounding the sutures that are anchored within the fat tissue becomes stronger and even more fibrous—the body will be better capable to keep the skin in better position.
Unfortunately, the buttocks unfortunately tend to succumb to the laws of gravity, and as we age and the forces of gravity have had time to pull on our beloved body, the buttocks begin to sag (Sagging buns could also be caused from pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss). So, a thread lift may become necessary to lift the skin of the buttocks back to its position. The suture is placed into the deep fatty tissues within the buttocks; the suture itself is attached to a cone which is responsible for anchoring the skin in place. It’s a simple procedure, lifting the buns back into place.
A Thread Lift procedure provides many areas of the body with results similar to the buttocks, and one other area that is entirely susceptible to the laws of gravity, for both women and men, is the breasts. A thread lift can help to lift the breasts back into place, where in a higher position they will appear more youthful, and perkier.
If a Thread Lift sounds like the perfect treatment for you, then it’s time to call Central Wellness and schedule an initial consultation today.