Thread Lift: A Non-Invasive Skin-Sculpting Option

As you may already know, a thread lift is a non-invasive procedure where a suture is strategically placed to both lift and contour sagging skin. The procedure has been around for over twenty years; however, the technology got a recent upgraded when the FDA approved a new type of biodegradable and completely absorbable suture. Because of these updated sutures, the thread lift is quickly becoming a go-to option for sagging skin on many parts of the body. The procedure is very effective for the skin on the face and the neck, but it’s also a terrific option to contour and lift sagging skin on the breasts, buttocks, and even the knees. Never before has there been a better non-invasive-type procedure for tightening saggy or wrinkly skin on the knees!

Thread Lift: A Non-Invasive Skin-Sculpting Option

The buttocks tend to succumb to gravity, especially as we age. Sagging buns can also be caused by pregnancy, weight gain, and also weight loss. But a thread lift can change all that. Because the sutures are placed deep in the fatty tissues of the buttocks. And these sutures are attached to cones—tiny cones beneath the skin—and these cones anchor the skin into place—lifting the buns to a more perky-looking height. One of the benefits of a thread lift is that after the procedure the body’s natural systems take over. The body heals itself, and the skin around these cones becomes strong and more fibrous, more capable of keeping bun skin in a desirable place.
Breasts are similar to buttocks. It’s a part of the body that’s susceptible to sagging due to age and other life-factors. Thankfully a thread lift is a good option for bringing the breasts back up to a higher position, look perkier. Also, a thread lift stimulates collagen growth—this benefit from the procedure applies to all parts of the body—and the results can last for up to two years.
To get the benefits of a thread lift you need only call and schedule a consultation. Central Wellness is ready to help you achieve that younger and more vibrant look for the new year.

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