The reviews are in! We love Kybella.

Do you have a double chin? Has it always bugged you in photos? Central Wellness offers Kybella for double chin reduction. The results have been great! Here is what our clients have said about it!
“My entire life I have exercised and stayed fit but I have always had a double chin. I really noticed it in pictures and hated how I looked. Kybella has definitely made a huge difference. Kacie was so comforting throughout the treatment. After treatment there was only a little swelling, no one noticed that I had anything done and now my double chin is gone! So exciting!”
Female, 25
“As a woman in her 40’s sometimes it is hard to look as good as you feel. Especially when you have a double, sagging chin. I felt like I looked 20 years older. After my Kybella treatment, within 2 – 3 weeks I was able to notice a difference. Kacie was really knowledgeable about the product and I knew what to expect every step.”
Female, 43

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