The Central Wellness Experience

For our returning clients, the Central Wellness experience is an expected and thoughtful way to return to the spa, but for our new clients, it can be more daunting to walk in the doors and not know what to expect. That’s why we wanted to outline every step and explain the benefits of our extras.
When you walk in the front doors at Central Wellness, you’re greeted at the front desk. We’ll check you in and then guide you to one of our relaxation waiting rooms, where you’ll notice a few things. One, we offer you water, coffee, or tea immediately. Our infused waters are meant to hydrate and refresh you as you wait for your procedure. Need an energy boost? Choose from a variety of tea to give you the boost of antioxidants to help your immune system and overall health. Two, you’ll be offered a warm neck wrap. These wraps relieve tension and relax your neck and upper back muscles, where most people carry their stress. Combined with our no-cell phone policy (you can leave it in the car; it’ll be fine there, we promise!) these extra steps are taken to separate you from the hustle and stress of your everyday life. Our waiting rooms also have no mirrors—this isn’t a space to worry about what you look like or if you need to fix your hair; we want you to focus solely on how you feel.
Depending on the service you’re visiting us for, the Central Wellness experience changes here. For example, our massage or facial clients are asked to fill out a short questionnaire to ensure that all allergies, problem areas, or concerns are taken in to account before the service. Once your paperwork has been reviewed by a specialist, you’ll be brought in to one of our many rooms, which has been cleaned, prepped, and readied for you. We keep our services strictly separate depending on the materials used, so as not to cross-contaminate any of our products; rooms are devoted to a specialty like massages and facials, micro-needling, or chemical peels.
Your comfort and safety is our first priority, and all our staff is trained to the utmost in their field, and we encourage and support additional training or career advancement. The Central Wellness experience is something we’ve perfected over time, and we’re always striving to make your experience with us more satisfying, luxurious, and comforting. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first appointment, please contact us or call us at 406-869-1066.