The Bioidentical Hormone Option

The Bioidentical hormone option has the ability to increase or stabilize your hormone levels. For women, we can accomplish this during  perimenopause, when hormone levels change unpredictably or after menopause, when the hormones drop to low levels.
Bioidentical hormones have the same exact molecular structure as the hormones produced naturally within the body. The body does not distinguish between supplemental bioidentical hormones and the hormones produced within the body.4 As a result, bio-identical hormones are properly utilized, and are then able to be naturally metabolized and excreted from the body. The use of bioidentical HRT has increased during the last several years as women have sought out a more natural approach to restoring hormonal balance.
Take back your life and control for your well-being, it will not only provide you with short term relief, but will give you long term health and happiness as well.
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