Testosterone: It’s Important, and Here’s Why

Did you know that testosterone is important for both men and women? It’s true. Our bodies need appropriate levels of testosterone to function properly. That’s why when our levels of testosterone are too low there are certain necessary therapies than can help bring our levels back to appropriate, healthy levels.
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is one such treatment; it can regulate all of your bodies hormones—remember that all men and women, as they age, do experience an unfortunate drop in all hormones—and you can schedule a complimentary consultation with the medical staff at Central Wellness to discuss the potential options for a Bio Identical Hormone Treatment. But, speaking solely about testosterone, there are a number of ways in which the hormone is important for the proper function of the human body. Here’s a few…
Testosterone is oftentimes considered a hormone involved in sex, and it is, but it’s also responsible for helping men maintain strong bones; it also controls the production of red blood cells. And in both men and women testosterone is responsible for endurance and muscle tone. It can help both sexes with weight loss; a person with a low testosterone level will find it difficult to lose weight. It even promotes heart health. When testosterone levels are completely optimized, a person’s risk for heart disease is lessened.
Testosterone helps to widen the coronary arteries, which helps the rest of the body receive the right amount of fresh blood it needs. And testosterone even helps with depression and cognitive function.
So, knowing the importance of testosterone, if you believe you have lower than optimal levels, it may be time to call Central Wellness to schedule a consultation at which you can speak with a medical professional about the benefits of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Feel better in both the mind and the body. Call today!