Take Care of Your Skin

Skin health, and the continual management of it, can be a complicated thing. In some circumstances, the appearance and health of our skin is a reflection of our life choices, while in other circumstances it’s dictated by aging, genetics, etc. And time spent at the spa or at a special treatment in Central Wellness does have incredible skin health benefits, but there are also a few things you can do at home to make sure your skin looks as young, healthy, and vibrant as possible. At home, there are various products that you can use to hydrate and clean your skin. But there are other methods, oftentimes less considered methods, to keep skin healthy. Here’s a few…
Stress Management 
Stress manifests in our body. Our skin can be a reflection of emotional turmoil. Uncontrolled stress can oftentimes cause acne and other skin conditions. If you know that you are suffering undue amounts of stress it is time to try to find some peace in your life. Use calming, stress-relieving techniques to ease the tension of stress. Meditation is a good practice, and is often a good accompaniment to exercise—as simple as a leisure walk outside. Yoga performed three-to-four times weekly can alleviate stress.
What we eat is absolutely important to skin health. A diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, etc., can only benefit skin. And a diet should ignore processed foods—or at the very least limits them—and refined carbohydrates. Daily foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C will benefit skin health. And there are limitless combinations of the foods packed full of skin-healthy nutrients.
If you have any questions about healthy skin, or the ways in which Central Wellness can help, in combination with diet and stress relief, then call today.