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CoolSculpting Stomach Results

Shrink your waistline and those love handles. It’s also great for helping you finally lose those stubborn last ten pounds! Call and ask to speak with Jenna to see if this could work for you.

cool sculpting before and after results
Before And After
lower back flanks before and after coolsculpting Cryolipolysis Results
photo of coolsculpted belly
coolsculpting montana before and after results

Cryolipolysis & Exercising For Weightloss

If you’re exercising for weightloss, Coolsculpting combined with a fitness and nutrition plan can help you reach your goals faster. Plus you’re less likely to end up with pockets of fat that the diet and exercise didn’t eliminate. Most people quit before losing the weight they wanted because they don’t see results fast enough and become discouraged. Seeing the results for this treatment when combined with a healthy active lifestyle can keep you motivated so you can reach the finish line!

freeze fat
photo of woman's stomach after coolsculpting
before and after photo of abs coolsculpting results
coolsculpting stomach
coolsculpting waist
photo of CoolSculpting back results

Coolsculpt Neck Results

Reduce or eliminate jowls and sagging skin.

photo of coolsculpting chin and neck results
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Inner & Outer Thighs

Shape up your inner and outer thighs so you can look amazing in your favorite jeans and bathing suit!

before and after coolsculpting treatment
freeze fat in thighs

Coolsculpt Your Butt

Restore your backside to it’s younger-looking self with Coolsculpting!

CoolSculpting butt results

Coolsculpting Back Results

Coolscupting treatments can help you achieve that highly sought-after v-shape. When the shoulders are wider than the waist it creates a v-shapes that is both attractive and helps you appear thinner. It can also help reduce or eliminate “bra fat” which is the fat roll that is accentuated from the bra straps.

cool sculpting for weightloss
photo of coolsculpted back
man's Coolsculpting Before And After photos

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