It’s easy to become complacent when you sit at a desk or when you’re relaxing on the couch, but it’s important to stretch, to move your body so that the blood circulates. Sitting, especially for long periods, can be bad for our health; it affects the joints especially, and symptoms from long-term sitting include both stiffness and pain. And while stiffness and pain can be corrected in the short term, there are also studies to show how years of long-term sitting can possibly contribute to the development of certain systemic diseases. Studies like these have made furniture makers rethinking office furniture, and items such as standing desk and treadmill desks have become more popular. But there are ways to keep your body moving during the day, even if you have a career in which most of the work you accomplish is at a desk.
If you’re lucky enough to work for yourself, or if you work in a place where your bosses and coworkers don’t mind you rolling out the yoga mat for the occasional set, then you should get to know simple non-distraction-type movements such as sun salutations and perform these movements every hour or so. But if you don’t have a yoga mat, or you don’t want the rest of the office watching while you exercise, then there are a few simple stretching exercises that can help. Every hour to hour and a half, stand from your desk and stretch your hands to the sky. Hold the stretch for a few seconds, keeping your spine as straight as you’re able, and reaching with your fingertips to the ceiling. When you return to your desk chair, sit to the front edge and place one foot out in front. Stretch each leg this way, and make sure to hold the stretch for twenty-to-thirty seconds. Stretches like these should get the blood circulating.
In addition to stretching, it’s important to keep your muscles and joints in shape with massage. Take the time to experience a relaxing massage that’s tailored to your needs. Call Central Wellness today.